Sunday, April 19, 2009


Kain French chiffon dengan design yang exclusive dan mewah n berkuality...Combination colour yg menarik.. Interested email/ym me at

DRY CLEAN recommended

FCH3 - RM150/4 meter with free lining - SOLD OUT

FCH 4 - RM160/4 meter with free lining - 2 sold (re-order only)

FCH 5 - RM160/4 meter with free lining - 1 sold (re-order only)

FCH 6 - RM160/4 meter

FCH 7 - RM160/4 meter

FCH 8 - RM160/ 4 meter with free lining - re-order only

FCH 9 - RM130/ 2 meter chiffon 2 meter satin (lining provided) - SOLD

New Swiss Cotton Collections... Exclusive and beautiful design.... :-) If inginkan sesuatu kelainan...Swiss Cotton is the right choice... Interested? or sebarang pertanyaan sila ym/email saye di

SC52 - RM135/4 meter

SC53 - RM135/4 meter

SC54 - RM135/4 meter

SC55- RM135/4 meter

SC56 - RM135/4 meter

SC57 - RM135/4 meter

SC58-RM135/4 meter

New Cotton Fabrics..

New Collections of cotton fabrics...
Can request more/less than 4 meter...
Interested? Email/ym me at

C58 - RM100/4 meter

C57 - RM100/4 meter

C56 - RM100/4 meter

C55 - RM100/4 meter

C54 - RM100/4 meter

C53 -RM100/4 meter

C52 -RM100/4 meter

C51 - RM100/4 meter

C50-RM100/4 meter

C49 - RM100/4 meter

C48 - RM100/4 meter

C47 -RM100/4 meter

C46 - RM100/4 meter

C45 - RM100/4 meter

C44 - RM100/4 meter

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pure Italian Silk

New exclusive and limited Pure Italian Silk...
kain dr fabrics ini basuhan secare DRY CLEAN..
If u are looking for something different..
This is the rite choice...
Interested email/ym me at

IS7 - RM215/4 meter

IS6 - RM215/4 meter

IS5 - RM215/4 meter

IS4 - RM215/4 meter

French Chiffon

Kain dr material French Chiffon...kain ini perlu di DRY CLEAN...
Kain for lining diberi percume..
Interested? Emal/ym me at

FCH1 - RM160/4 meter with free lining

FCH2 - RM160/4 meter with free lining - re-order only